Thursday, October 30, 2014

BoBunny Stamps and Misc Me

Hello friends! We have another beautiful Misc Me project for you today featuring some of our fabulous stamps!

Morro Branco by Solange Marques

Morro Branco Misc Me 12x12 by Solange Marques for BoBunny featuring the Madeleine collection and Stamps

Hello, it  has arrived, the day I share with you a few more pages of my Misc Me!  I'm enjoying making my travel album with Misc Me. It is super convenient and fast. This time I chose Madeleine BoBunny collection. This collection is a real charm.

These are some more photos of my trip to Fortaleza, a heavenly place!

Of course I used touches of mixed media in my project and I also used many BoBunny stamps to complete my Misc Me.
Morro Branco Misc Me 12x12 by Solange Marques for BoBunny featuring the Madeleine collection and Stamps

I used stamps on the photos and on the journal cards:

Morro Branco Misc Me 12x12 by Solange Marques for BoBunny featuring the Madeleine collection and Stamps

I loved this photo of rafts by the sea and I could not resist to extend it using paints and textures interspersed with stamps.

Morro Branco Misc Me 12x12 by Solange Marques for BoBunny featuring the Madeleine collection and Stamps

I used to lace around the frame on this journal card and more stamps:

Morro Branco Misc Me 12x12 by Solange Marques for BoBunny featuring the Madeleine collection and Stamps

I hope you enjoy it!

BoBunny supplies:
Stickers: Madeleine Combo Sticker
Buttons: Madeleine
Jewels: Citrus Jewels
Stamps: Romance Stamp, Captured Stamp,Stitches Stamp,It Is Written Stamp
6 x 6 Paper Pad: Madeleine
Petals: Madeleine
Misc Me Binder 12x12: Primrose
Misc Me Contents: Madeleine Journal Contents
Kraft: Wood Shapes Elegant
Stencil: Brocade Stickable, Blisss Stickable
Ink Pad: Licorice
Glimmer Spray: Bronze
Glitter Paste: Gold

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Gorgeous Cards!

Hello, hello everyone! You are going to love these gorgeous cards today! So intricate and detailed...they will have you running to grab some paper and start some of your own!

Happy B Day You by Amy Voorthuis

When I saw I was designing in the stamp week I got really excited! I love stamping especially with the BoBunny stamps. The base of my card is made with the Coffee sheet from the Double Dot range this card has four layers.

I made this card for my husband he was born in 1971 don't you just love those circle number stamps?

Distressing the borders of the four layers is what I think makes it all look very shabby.

The flower with the hash-tag brad was handmade using the plain Kraft Gift bags. I took out my It Is Written stamp and just randomly stamped on my cut out circles. Then I sprayed them with water & gold glimmer spray and wrinkle my six circle {in three different sizes} up and you have a flower.

BoBunny Supplies:
Patterned Paper: Passage, Antiquity, Evening Mist/Somewhere In Time
Double Dot: Coffee
Stamps: Stitches, It Is Written, You're Invited, Inline Alpha, Captured
Doilies: Small
Kraft Gift Bag: Plain
Kraft Wood: Clocks
Blossoms: Buttercup Bouquet, Denim Blue Zinnia
Brads: Somewhere In Time
Glimmer Spray: Gold, Sugar

Hello You by Amy Voorthuis

The design of this card is quite similar to my first card; it also has four layers. When I got my DT package with the Enchanted Garden collection in it, it was the first collection I cut into which is sometimes really hard to do. I cut out the butterflies first then I didn't look at it for a long time and they were laying all around my scrap room but now they finally have a purpose were it should be on a card.

The three squares are made with a Cheery Lynn Designs die. I stamped on the squares with the music stamp & stitch stamp, then I took out my stickable stencil and pasted on top of the squares then I finished it of with the mint, gold and sugar glimmer spray.

On the right side of the squares I stamped the largest Curly Q stamp and went over it with the butterscotch pearlescents pen to make little pearls.

BoBunny Supplies:
Patterned Paper: Enchanted Garden, Pathway, Fantasy, Periodical/Enchanted Garden
Double Dot: Island Mist
Double Dot Jewels: Emerald
Stamps: Stitches, It Is Written, You're Invited, To The Point, Curly Q
Glimmer Spray: Gold, Sugar, Mint
Pearlescents: Butterscotch
Stickable Stencils: Brocade

Monday, October 27, 2014

Stamp Tutorial & Misc Me!

Here my friends, are some excellent tips and tricks on stamps! Not to mention an adorable Misc Me project to go with it!

Stamp Tutorial with Bernii

Hello BoBunny fans!

Well happy Monday to you all and welcome to a new week where the Design Team will show case how to use our awesome BoBunny stamps. 

I am the first to show you how I use the stamps in my Miscc Me spreads. So I decided I would show you a little sneak peak at how simple and easy it is to create your Misc Me layouts with stamps as the backbone to your spread. So lets take a look. 

When I create my Misc Me spreads I always create an outline on all of my cards either with a pen free hand or with stamps. Throughout this spread I decided to  use the Stitches Stamp set and outline all of the cards with different stitches. 


 I just made sure that I used a scrap piece of paper to make sure that the stamp did not run off the edge of the card. As you can see in the photo below your scrap piece of paper should catch the run off from your stamp. 


To help clean the BoBunny Stamp Block I find that using baby wipes with some and sanitizer works wonders. I also like to use the stamp blocks to help line up my alphabet stamps when I need to create words or titles for my Misc Me cards. Lining up the alphas against the faint lines works wonders and are there to help you and use to create text in a straight line. 


As you can see below this came in very handy when I needed to create the "week 34" title. 


Stamps are so useful and versatile and can really help you to create fast layouts with a uniform look. You could even play it up and introduce different ink colours if you wanted certain stamps to stand out more from others. I decided with this spread to just stick to the black ink as I didn't want to detract from the colourful cards. 

Here are a few closeups . 



I had so much fun just focusing on using my stamps this week and I hope that you too will play along and try out some stamping on your Misc Me spreads. 

BoBunny Supplies: 
Stickers: Combo Stickers / Modern Miss.
Noteworthy: Modern Miss.
Buttons: Modern Miss.
Brads: Modern Miss.
Misc Me binder: Black 12 x 12 . 
Misc Me Page Protector: 12 x 12 Variety Pack. 
Misc Me Contents: Modern Miss Journal Contents.
Double Bot Jewels: Citrus. 
Kraft wood shapes: Cameras. 
Ink Pad: Licorice. 
BoBunny Stamp Block. 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

You're Gonna Love This!

You're really going to love this layout from Ulrika! Such clever use of washi tape and stamps!

Love this! by Ulrika Wandler

For my layout I used stamps from no less than FIVE different stamp sets!
They are so fun to work with, and I often use stamps on scrapbook pages.

There are almost no patterned papers on this layout, just a small piece to frame the photo! I used washi tape instead of a lot of papers.
Behind the tape I used Bronze Glimmer spray to create a background.

BoBunny supplies:
Patterned Paper: Wild Card / Shuffle
Jewels: Double Dot Ruby Red
Stamps: Stitches Stamps, To The Point Stamps, Stained Textures Stamp, Captured Stamp, It Is Written Stamp.
Pearlescents: Chocolate
Ink Pad: Licorice
Glimmer Spray: Bronze

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Stickable Stencil Delight!

Stencils, oh Stickable Stencils! Aren't they the most fun ever? They are, I promise! They certainly add the perfect touch to this layout!

Joe is Christmas Cheer by Denise van Deventer

Joe is Christmas Cheer Scrapbook Layout by Denise van Deventer using BoBunny Christmas Collage 01

Hello Everyone! It's Denise here today to share my Christmas layout with you, using the gorgeous new BoBunny Stickable stencils. They really are so easy to use and "stay put" during use, as they are stickable and temporarily adhere to the paper, for a perfect stencil.

This page is of my son, who was 5 at the time, and was so excited to sit with Father Christmas and show us his present and huge smile! I just love how a child  can be so excited, cheery and just jubilant with Christmas Cheer and never stops loving the spirit of Christmas.  He has certainly added a new Christmas Cheer to my life!

Joe is Christmas Cheer Scrapbook Layout by Denise van Deventer using BoBunny Christmas Collage 02

I first used my stencils on the background with gesso and added some texture to the page.  I then spritzed them with some BoBunny glimmer spray. Once dried, I also outlined the stencils with a black fine liner, to make them stand out, just that little bit more.

Joe is Christmas Cheer Scrapbook Layout by Denise van Deventer using BoBunny Christmas Collage 03

Secondly, I just stamped over my stencil with some BoBunny ink. How easy was that!!! I used an eraser to clean up the ink around the stencil, to give it a neat circle outline.

Joe is Christmas Cheer Scrapbook Layout by Denise van Deventer using BoBunny Christmas Collage 04

I love that the BoBunny stencils are different sizes and styles, as well as being separate, so that one can easily place them on a project at one time and complete the stenciling in one go. They really are so fun and versatile.

BoBunny Supplies:
Patterned Paper: Christmas Collage, Comet, Evergreen, Joy, Stamps/ Christmas Collage
Cardstock: Kiwi Flourish
Noteworthy: Christmas Collage
Brads: Christmas Collage
Jewels: Elf Magic
Chipboard: Christmas Collage
Stamps: Distressed Textures, Wall to Wall Textures, New Inline Alpha
Petals: Christmas Collage
Stickable Stencils: Alphabet, Bliss, Lace
Glimmer Spray: Tutu, Bronze
Ink Pad: Emerald, Licorice, Wildberry Double Dot

Thanks so much for stopping by the BoBunny blog today. If you haven't tried the new stickable stencils, then I really suggest you give them a go. They are fabulous. I am certainly stuck on them!!!!!

Have a super day!

Denise x

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Adventure Scrapped!

What a great way to preserve those fabulous (and not so fabulous, but funny in hind sight) travel memories! Megan hits this one out of the park!

Our Trip 2014 by Megan Gourlay

Our Trip 2014 using Misc Me and Souvenir by Megan Gourlay

This year is the 50th anniversary of the FORD Mustang.  My husband happens to be FORD crazy! and so we apparently just had to head to America to be part of the celebrations.  How better to document that trip by using Misc Me! and Souvenir was just perfect to get me started.  I've used the stencils throughout in a few different ways.

The beginning of our trip started in San Francisco and we stayed at really delightful motel, it really was a gorgeous spot to relax after a day spent seeing all the sights.

Our Trip 2014 using Misc Me and Souvenir by Megan Gourlay

Here I wanted to blend my stencil colours to match my motel sign - this time I used blue and brown inks with a blending tool.  Ive also altered my Noteworthy by covering the original sign from saying cafe to Our Adventure by popping a sticker on top and mounting the motel sign behind the film strip.

Our Trip 2014 using Misc Me and Souvenir by Megan Gourlay

On this page I wanted a subtle effect from using my stencils so I randomly used white texture paste in my background.

Our Trip 2014 using Misc Me and Souvenir by Megan Gourlay

For the two 3x4 cards I've used Pearlescents Sugar to cover my stencil design, again giving me a subtle background, before layering with wash and chipboard embellishments.

Our Trip 2014 using Misc Me and Souvenir by Megan Gourlay

My final page is part of the next section about Alcatraz.  Because the photo has a heritage feel to it I wanted the background paper to reflect that too, so I've used texture paste with two different stencils before painting over it with two Pearlescents and then randomly stamping.

I hope this has given you some ideas for creating backgrounds using stencils.  We do love seeing what you do with Misc Me so please keep sharing :)

BoBunny Supplies:

Misc Me Notepaper: Souvenir
Chipboard: Souvenir
Brads: Souvenir
Stencils: Brocade, Bliss
Stamps: Captured, It is written, Distressed Textures
Washi: Modern Miss
Dot Jewels: Red
Pearlescents: Chocolate, Sugar
Ink Pad: Blueberry, Licorice